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Company Introduction


    Guangde is situated on the southeast of Anhui, which is Three-provincial transborder region of Jiangsu,Zhejiang and Anhui. It is southeast gateway for Anhui to connect with coastal East China economic circle, and will take average two and a half hours to reach big cities such as Shanghai,Hangzhou,Nanjing and Hefei. There are many ways across the county, such as Hefei-Hangzhou Highway, Xuancheng-Hangzhou Double-track Railway, 318 National highway and 215, 230, 342 provincial highways.

Anhui Huantai Biological Energy Technology Development Co.,Ltd is located at Guangde Provincial Economic Development Zone. We are new energy development type enterprise whom specialized in developing, manufacturing and distributing Biomass atmospheric pressure boiler, Biomass pellet machine and Biomass pellet fuel. Our plant covers 40,000 square meters, office building are in progress and our gross assets is over hundreds million. We also have over 200 employees and hundreds of them have college degree. There are 89 advanced equipments already installed, which enable us to supply 2000 sets of Biomass pellet machine, 50,000 tons of Biomass pellet fuel.

With increasing awareness on ecology and environment protection, we aimed to Make resources recycle limitlessly to create a better and cleaner world! We are the first in China to introduce Vertical Biomass pellet machine, which mainly take raw materials that used to be considered as waste, such as crops’ straw, sawdust and bamboo scrap. This machine is well noted as innovation for its highly automatic control, low noise, anti-abrasion, less problem, efficient output, less power consumption. Biomass pellet fuel that produced by this machine are with many merits, such as bright and clean, less crack, high density, averaged length, which should be considered as Eco-friendly new Biomass pellet fuel that could completely replace coal.

Biomass atmospheric pressure boilers adopt high standard quality auxiliary machines and automatic operation system and use Biomass pellet fuel. It is automatically ignited, charged and turned on and off the furnace. During burning, it is smoke and dust free with thermal efficiency above 92%. It is truly safe, Eco-friendly and energy-saving.

   Technology innovation, product innovation, mind innovation and management innovation. Our company has 38 experienced and specialized technicians in the field of biomass energy, which enable us to obtain core tech, great team work and offer customer service that all meet national first class level. Our products are honored with more than 20 National utility model patents. Our company is honored with Anhui New high-tech enterprise,Anhui Eco-friendly products recommended enterprise. Vertical Biomass pellet machine and Biomass atmospheric pressure boiler are honored with many certificates, such as Certificate of Anhui new high tech product and Certificate of Anhui new product.

    We adhere to Honesty and Profession, Innovation and Development, Quality first, Service forever, adopt advanced international management and brand power to explore and innovate, keep pacing, work hard to win our market home and abroad, sell our products to more than 20 provinces and regions, such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Chongqing, Hubei, Fujian, Anhui.

 Committed to Products of Eco-friendly, Safe, Energy-Saving

---Unswerving mission for Huantai

Established with Ideas of Honesty, Development, Innovation

---Unswerving goal for Huantai

  Nowadays,Anhui Huantai Biological Energy Technology Development Co.,Ltd develops with tremendous courage, carry with great hope, dominate new opportunity, assume responsibility to make a better future! We warmly welcome our customers and people with same minds to visit and start cooperation with us. With joint efforts together we will reach a brand new achievement!

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